You will see below many of our customers below who are happy with our office supplies which is serviced national wide (NZ).

"We use Joy's Media Supplies because we get real service. I call Joy, tell her what I want and she does the hard work for me. She rings around, finds options, and follows up to make sure I'm happy. Her pricing is consistently low and I'll swear she's psychic - she seems to know when I'm running out of paper and she calls!"
Ann Dew
Finance Manager.

"If I need something in a hurry, Joy will break her neck to get it for me. She even pops in the car and delivers it. If something's out of stock at her usual supplier, she'll find it elsewhere. It's a brilliant service, absolutely brilliant."
John Procter
Office Consumables Manager

"I wanted personal service - someone I can ring and say 'Hey I've got a problem, can you help me with it?'. Joy's service is a huge time saver and she's not trying to push any particularly brand. She comes in, goes through the stationery with me, takes an order and makes sure we get it. Personally, I'm sick of talking to machines. As far as I'm concerned, real service means dealing with people who know what they're doing."
Harald Pohl
Managing Director.

"We just wanted to say thank you for the service you provide us with. We could not be happier! You deliver a fast, friendly and personal service every time at a great price! It's great you are so pro-active in helping us keep on top of our supplies."
Thanks again.
Julie Clifford
Sales and Administration Manager.

"Joy's Media has supplied our company's computer office supplies for the last eight years. I have dealt with Joy professionally for the last 14 years. She is very helpful and joyful, just like her name!"
Kind Regards
Carol Hansen
Office Manager.

"As always you came through for us. Thank you very much for that"

"I just wanted to say we very much appreciate all your help during the year, you provide a sterling service."

"Yes you have done it again - how do you know we are running out of paper before I do??"

"Thank you! Urgent couriers are very fast. Kata says you are amazing for getting then to her so quickly"

"A big thank you for getting my toner here on time as promised, that's why I love dealing with you."

"Hi Joy
I don't think I thank you enough for all the help and the way you guys go well and truly out of your way for me when I require something.
You are always cherry and helpful and nothing is ever a problem. "
John W

"A big thank you for getting my toner here on time as promised, that's why I love dealing with you."

Must thank you for all your help, we couldn't wish for a better supplier of any sort."
Tina K.

"Thanks for all your fantastic service and attention, especially in this busy week."
Deb W

"I will have to start calling you Speedy Gonzales from now on!"

"Hi Joy
Thanks for your incredibility quick service getting the Oki cartridge out to us!"

"That's really fast - thank you Joy. It's such a pleasure to work with you"

"Hi Joy and Brian
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for the efficient service you have provided to us over the last 12 months. It is always great to know that whenever we order it is going to arrive on time."

"Hi Joy
I received the package and once again you've come to the rescue. Thank you for all your effort and great service!


"Hi Joy & Brian
Thank you for all the support throughout the years, definitely great customer service and very reliable